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Celestial Bonsai offers a wide variety of bonsai trees and starter trees. Our bonsai master was trained in China and has more than 20 years of experience in the art of bonsai. We are a certified bonsai nursery of Maryland. Whether you are new to bonsai or an experienced hobbyist, we have the best quality bonsai trees. We ship our bonsai across the United States, and guarantee that your bonsai will arrive in good health. Celestial Bonsai also maintains a wholesale division and can meet the needs of commercial customers.

With the purchase of your bonsai, we recommend a HUMIDITY TRAY for watering your tree, BONSAI FOOD, a pair of TRIMMING SHEARS and a good basic BONSAI BOOK to help you care for and style your bonsai.

QUICK TIPS for caring for your bonsai: if you use a tray to water your tree keep it full, feed your tree with bonsai food about once a month (or as directed on the bottle), trim your tree once or twice a year or more if needed. For more tips we recommend the book: 101 Essential Tips for Bonsai.

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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Contact us for international shipping rates.

Nursery/greenhouse - 1-301-888-1890
Fax - 1-301-579-2503

Celestial Bonsai's trees are shipped through UPS or Federal Express. Trees can be shipped Second Day Air, Third Day Air, or Ground.