Bonsai Books

Our selection of bonsai books provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to select, grow, train, and care for your bonsai. Whether you're new to bonsai or an avid bonsai hobbyist, you'll find something here.

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Bonsai Books

Bonsai In Your Home: An Indoor Grower's Guide

By Paul Lesniewicz
Offers instructions on care, including light, humididy, temperature, watering, and feeding requirements....creating groupings, propagating plants from seed and cuttings, trimming leaves, and pruning roots.....plants for beginners are clearly marked.
208 pages(all in color)

Bonsai Basics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing, Training & General Care

by Christian Pessey & Remmy Samson
A simple guide for first-time bonsai growers, with easy instructions and over 200 full-color potos and drawings.Covers selecting a hardy specimen: the essentials of pruning, wiring, and aging: keeping your bonsai healthy through watering , feeding, and preventive treatment for pests and diseases.
120 pages (74 in color)

Indoor Bonsai For Beginners: Selection,Care, Training

by Werner M. Busch
Grow your own by cooperating with its natural growth direction as you sculpt it into its greatest potential beauty. Learn how to pick a specimen, how to estimate its age, and how and when to replace the soil, plus tips on techniques, containers, and combating pests.
112 pages (all in color)

Bonsai Survival Manual

by Colin Lewis
Real care: care that helps your bonsai stay at the peak of healthy, requires a mix of skills.full of useful color illustrations and photos as well as informative practical text. incudes a very useful encyclopedia of 49 varieties.
160 pages (all in color)

101 Essential Tips For Bonsai

The step-by-step series that brings expert advice at an affordable price. Breaks down key information on cultivating bonsai into 101 easy-to-grasp tips. Gives quick answers to all questions. Each point can be absorbed in an instant.
72 pages (all in color)

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