Our fountain gardens (or waterfalls) combine the convenience of regular plants with the relaxing sound of a waterfall. The plants blend naturally with the cascading feathercock fountain and decorative ornaments to create a uniquely beautiful indoor garden. These gardens create the perfect climate for many different moisture loving plants. Mosses are especially interesting as they proliferate on the feathercock, and they blend beautifully with other plants. The hydroponic environment present in these gardens is disease free and hospitable to bonsai trees and other plants. This feature is attributed to the greater degree of oxygen present in the recirculating water. For waterfall accessories (mini-pumps, mini-fogger, and clay aggregate) see our Accessories page.

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Fountain Waterfall Fountain

(A) 10" Fountain

With plants and figures.

(B) 10" Fountain

With live plants and figures.

Decorative Fountain Fountain

(C) 12" Fountain

With pool, live plants and figures.

(D) 16" Fountain

With live plants and figures.

With pool style.

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