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As suggested by the name, the Rain Tree (Samanea saman) originates from Mexico to Brazil. The name comes from the fact that the tree's leaves will fold in rainy/cloudy weather and evenings. The tree can grow to great sizes and is a powerful ally to absorbing carbon emissions. The tree produces pink flowers with white stamens and good scent.


Age / Pot Size / Approx. Dimensions

15 years old / 8" pot / 12"L x 10"W x 14"H



Watering tray in not included with purchase.

Please note pot color is option ( no guarantee ) depending on availability.


*We understand that the exact appearance and size of your tree may vary from the picture shown, since every bonsai is unique. Therefore, we have added the Additional Requests field for those with more specific preferences for their tree.

Brazilian Rain Tree, 15 years old, Broom style

Pot Color