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Japanese Juniper - Windswept


The Japanese Juniper (Juniperus procumbens) is an evergreen tree that is traditionally raised outdoors but owners may find success raising them indoors as well. Visit the Workshop for details.


When thinking of bonsai as a whole, most people conjure an image of the Japanese Juniper. The elegant windswept design is very distinctive and will add a sense of flow to its setting. These trees are incredibly versatile and durable, capable of thriving in a wide range of temeratures while holding up to many different designs.


Age / Pot Size / App

8 years old / 7" pot / 8"L x 6"W x 7"H


Watering tray is not included with purchase.

Please note pot color is option ( no guarantee ) depending on availability.

*We understand that the exact appearance and size of your tree may vary from the picture shown, since every bonsai is unique. Therefore, we have added the Additional Requests field if you have specific requests for your tree.

Japanese Juniper - Windswept style, 8 years old

Pot Color