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Mimosa (pudica)


The Mimosa (Mimosa pudica), also known as the touch me not, is a tropical flowering plant. The bonsai version is meant to be raised indoors. It grows in tropical climate all across the world. The mimosa is known for rapidly closing its leaves in the the dark and in the presence of touch. This is a very cool and dynamic effect for a bonsai.


Age / Pot Size / Approx. Dimensions

7 years old / 7" pot / 10"L x 8"W x 12"H


Watering tray is not included with purchase.

We are not responsiible for any care after delivery.


*We understand that the exact appearance and size of your tree may vary from the picture shown, since every bonsai is unique. Therefore, we have added the Additional Requests field for those with more specific preferences for their tree.

Mimosa Pudica ( touch me not ) sensitive leaves, 7 years old, very special tree

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  • Location

    Indoor bonsai should be kept around room temperature at all times. Ensure the tree is placed near an area with plenty of sunlight throughout the day.


    Place your bonsai tree in the center of your watering tray (included) and fill the tray with water until the water level can touch the openings at the bottom of the pot. Check how much water is in the tray every day and refill as necessary. If the tree is not getting sufficient water the rocks on top will appear light in color and the tree will feel much lighter.


    Use liquid bonsai fertilizer. Follow the instructions that come with your chosen fertilizer. As a general idea you may want to fertilize once every month.


    See the Workshop for details and demonstrations, or online.

  • Shipping

    Your order will take up to 2 days to process for shipping and will usually take around 2-3 days to arrive at your door. If we need to contact you to clarify your purchase, you may also experience a slightly longer processing time.


    We aim to provide a 100% satisfactory experience. You must contact us within 5 days of receiving your order. Refunds for returns will be charged a 25% restocking fee of the original item price.

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